Greetings HotHouse Friends.

Summer is gone and we’re pretty well into Fall. That doesn’t stop this city: there’s plenty of excitement in Chicago, especially with the Umbrella Music Festival in full swing!

The Umbrella Music Festival features cutting-edge jazz and improvised music from around the world with a particular focus on artists from the diverse, cooperative, and thriving local scene. The festival opens with “European Jazz Meets Chicago” –  two evenings of free concerts with top Jazz artists from throughout Europe.

As described by my good friend, Brian: The Umbrella Festival is a festival started by Chicago jazz musicians and presenters along with various European consulates in an effort to bring Chicago jazz musicians and European jazz musicians together and also to create total improv performances between these musicians. It’s more avant jazz or experimental or improv jazz, but all very noteworthy!

This festival is being held at the Chicago Cultural Center and you can see the schedule of events here.